Aunt Emma's Never Fail Pie Crust

3 c sifted flour
1 1/4 c Shortening
1 tsp salt
1 egg, well beaten
5 Tbsp water
1 Tbsp vinegar

Cut shortening into flour and salt.
Combine egg, water, and vinegar in a separate bowl.
Pour liquid into flour mixture all at once. Blend with spoon until flour is all moistened.
It can be re-rolled without toughening. Will keep in refrigerator for two weeks or divide into balls enough for one pie and wrap in Saran wrap and freeze indefinitely.

Makes 2 crusts

Monday, October 24, 2011


Well that's how it is supposed to be pronounced, according to my Wiki search. The correct spelling is: Pissaladiere. Last week's recipe choice from Around My French Table is essentially an onion and anchovy pizza, French-style of course. Pissala being the French word for anchovy paste. Good Lord.

Here we go again with the yeast dough rising.  LOVE, love, love that smell. Who doesn't? 

It's convenient to be doing your laundry right now since the warm dryer is a great place to allow the dough to rise. Just keep it covered so no lint flies in.
Magical, Yeasty Goodness!

Six sliced onions, a bay leaf and a little thyme cook on low heat for 45 minutes while the dough does it's magic in the laundry room.  Stir in a few chopped anchovies, salt and pepper.

Roll out the dough, top with the onions, use a few more anchovies to make the traditional criss-cross pattern and accent with a few Nicoise olives. Bake until golden.

Our vote was 50/50, pro-anchovy and anti-anchovy. I'll just say I finished this dish myself the next day.Whatever the vote- this dish is a beautiful "Piece-a-Work".

The other Dorie online cookers have posted their results at, for your viewing pleasure.


  1. it looks beautiful and great tip on the dryer/laundry for the dough. We were ok with the anchovies, but sort of neutral on it overall. Might need a second run with guests.

  2. Too funny - "piece of work " :) Glad you tried it and more glad that you liked it. Nana knocked this out for us as she likes anchovies and I was getting over a cold. I definitely plan to revisit it with some different toppings - may break down and even try an anchovie by no promises......